Mission: To promote and empower existing, locally-envisioned and community-led sustainable initiatives to improve living conditions in developing nations.

Philosophy: People in developing countries know how to solve their own problems. All they need is a little boost – and that’s where Do Good Lab comes in.

What We Do: We provide resources to local organizations in developing countries for tangible projects such as wells and vehicles. Our partner organizations must have a track record of success and a history of community support. We ensure the lasting impact of our donations by funding only locally envisioned and managed organizations. Community support is the primary ingredient in sustainable change. It is the key to maintaining the benefit of the project once it has been completed.

Our Focus: Do Good Lab supports projects focused on agriculture, health, and education. Any community led organization, no matter how small, may apply. The nature of our mission allows us to seek out small grassroots organizations that are often overlooked by larger grant making bodies.

Origin: Do Good Lab was created in 2009 with the passion and energy of a group of friends in San Francisco, California. Coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, these friends shared the desire to think globally while acting locally.

Today: We are a thriving all-volunteer organization carrying on that passion to create sustainable change by empowering people in developing countries to improve their own lives.