Access to Clean Water: Grass Roots Efforts towards Sustainability

Water is essential to our lives. But 1 Billion people on Earth have no access to clean water: they walk for miles and spend hours to find drinking water. Many fresh water resources are polluted or over-used. With a rising population the demand is growing, but the supply is shrinking.

Join us on February 23 to learn about water issues in developing countries and grass roots organizations that are working towards alleviating the problem.

Amanda Patterson and David Gumbiner from WellDone are our guest speakers and will present their work with community organizations to develop clean water solutions.

Event Details

When: February 23, 6pm – 8:30pm

Where: 285 Main Street

What: Access to Clean Water – Grass Roots Efforts toward Sustainability

What to bring: $10 donation to cover food & drinks

This is Do Good Lab’s kick off event for 2012, as it embarks on a new strategy, focusing on Global Health and supporting grass roots organization in this sector.


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