Organization Name

Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal Sol y Mar

Location: Las Salinas Puerto Parada, Usulutan, El Salvador

Funds Needed: $10,000

Anticipated Completion Date: 2014

Focus of Project: To build six chicken farms for a women’s entrepreneurship program.

ADESCOSYM, known as Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal Sol y Mar, or The Community Development Association of Sun and Sea, is an organization dedicated to bringing about sustainable development through small business initiatives and the advancement of women’s roles in society.

ADESCOSYM has proposed constructing six broiler chicken farms to be placed in seven communities throughout Puerto Parada. Each farm will be implemented and maintained by a designated group of 10-15 women. These women are members of Self-Help Groups, also known as “Women in Action” committees, that have been established throughout the communities. These women will work with local businesses to sell the goods (eggs/chickens) produced to local consumers.

Placing emphasis on upward mobility is extremely important for women, especially in El Salvador, where gender inequality prevails. A great number of Salvadorian women have been subjected to violence and abuse, even death throughout the country. Granting women the opportunity to rise above social stigmas and create their own business can dramatically improve the overall welfare of provisions for their families, while giving them the tools they need to be successful in their business model.

Do Good Lab has pledged to work with ADESCOSYM towards funding the appropriate amount needed to facilitate growth for these small business initiatives. Providing the resources needed to build the chicken coups will allow productivity to flourish, and women to build strength in successful innovation.

Posted by Shannon Radsky on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 4:17 am.