Project Applications

If you’re interested in presenting a proposal for 2014, please contact the Director of Projects, Shannon Radsky, at <>

Do Good Lab’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to promote and empower existing, locally-envisioned and community-led sustainable initiatives to improve living conditions in developing nations.

Criteria for applying:

  • The existing organization is locally envisioned and community-led;
  • The organization’s mission is focused on improving the living conditions of the community in a sustainable way;
  • The organization can provide evidence that it is registered (and/or in the process of registering) with their local authorities for NGO/NPO status;
  • The organization must demonstrate a track record of success and explain how they measure their impact;
  • The project must be tangible (Do Good Lab cannot support salary-based projects);
  • The project must empower the organization AND community in a sustainable way; and
  • The organization has to have a plan for maintaining the project.
  • The organization must plan to educate others about the project’s impact.

The average grant size has been between $5,000-$10,000. However, if your project requires more funding, we strongly encourage you to still apply. We anticipate funding projects for the beginning of 2014.