Do Good Lab is reaching out to new communities abroad

Zambia, photo curtesy of Courtney Soboleski

Over the course of the past few months, volunteers from Do Good Lab have been reaching out to contacts around the globe. From Tanzania to Ethiopia, Guatemala to Peru, and India to the Philippines, we have orchestrated a large-scale effort to expand the reach of our organization.

More than simply seeking out new partnerships, we hope to build networks within Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and Africa. In these areas there are thousands of local organizations employing sustainable initiatives. We want to share their stories and support as many of these programs as we can.

To reach the parts of the world where Do Good Lab is still unknown, we connected with Peace Corps volunteers, friends, family, former teachers, and new acquaintances living abroad. Through email, Skype and telephone conversations, they have helped us discover new and innovative non-profits. After making first contact, the organization is encouraged to speak with myself, the Director of Projects, to answer any questions about Do Good Lab’s mission, the application, and the eventual grant-making process.

We recognize that building awareness around Do Good Lab is no small feat.  We wish to thank everyone that has facilitated the connections and communications that will make this year a success.

If you know a locally envisioned and led organization in the developing world, working toward sustainable initiatives to improve the living conditions of its community, please encourage them to contact us.

For an application, please email <>

Stay tuned to our blog, and follow us on Facebook for announcements of this year’s project partners.

Shannon Radsky, Director of Projects

Photo of Zambia, courtesy of Courtney Soboleski

Posted by Shannon Radsky on Monday, April 1st, 2013 at 1:48 pm.