Fashion Night For Charity

On Friday, August 26, Temple Nightclub was transformed.  Instead of a club atmosphere, there was an anticipation – a hush in the air.  Upstairs, 8 models were chattering as they had their hair and makeup done in anticipation of the runway.  Downstairs, 9 volunteer vendors conversed as they set up their tables with their samples to give away.  Meanwhile, Do Good Lab volunteers bustled here and there setting up for one of the biggest fundraisers in Do Good Lab history.

 By the end of the event, over 80 attendees had tasted wine, chocolate, cheese and pie.  They had been dazzled with a runway show.  Most importantly, they had learned of two projects – Grapesyard School in Kenya and the Vanavashi Ashram Trust in India – that are helping kids around the world have better access to education.
Through the generosity of the vendors, volunteers, attendees and other supporters, Do Good Lab was able to raise $3,712 to complete the purchase of a used Jeep for the Vanavashi Ashram Trust as well as purchasing 300 textbooks for the Grapesyard School.
See more photos here.
To learn more about Grapesyard and Vanavasi Ashram Trust go to Do Good Lab’s Project page.
Without the generous support of the following vendors and sponsors, the fantastic success achieved at this event would not have been possible.  Thank you to all who supported these great causes.

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Were not able to attend?

If you were not able to attend Fashion Night for Charity and would like to help with other  projects, you can donate to Do Good Lab.


Posted by Giulissa on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at 12:00 am.