Global Hope Mobilization’s Well Project is Complete!

Global Hope Mobilization well
Do Good Lab is very happy to announce that with the help of our generous donors, our project partner Global Hope Mobilization recently completed the construction of their community well! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. On Friday, February 22nd, The Global Hope Mobilization staff, including Executive Director Caleb Thole and community at large, celebrated the completion of the project with a beautiful unveiling ceremony. Please join us in congratulating everyone involved in completing this project.
Global Hope Mobilization well Global Hope Mobilization well
In a country suffering from four years of persistent drought, Global Hope Mobilization has worked tirelessly to provide its community with a dependable source of water. The well is projected to help the 1,384 primary school students attending Nkhukwe Primary School and the Kalumbu community outside of Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital. It will provide a sustainable, clean-water resource for the entire community, and aid in lowering the prevalence of waterborne diseases and other illnesses that arise from poor sanitation and poor hygiene.
Global Hope Mobilization well Global Hope Mobilization well
Global Hope Mobilization is a non-governmental organization based in Lilongwe, Malawi. They concentrate their efforts on creating sustainable communities by focusing on health issues, human rights, good governance, climate change and education. They seek organic, positive change, focusing on the areas of environmental responsibility, sexual health, and provision of health care to medically underserved Malawians.You can learn more about Global Hope Mobilization at our projects page.
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Written by Laura Rubiano-Gomez

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