Do Good Lab teamed up with a San Francisco business, Granicus Inc. to raise $5000 to provide 300 textbooks and 4 flushing toilets for the Grapesyard School via the CBO, Grapesyard Self Help Group in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi,Kenya. The Korogocho slum is the 4th largest slum in Nairobi, with 150,000 to 200,000 people living within less than one square mile.  With approximately 17,000 people per square mile in San Francisco, we have only 1/10th of the people per square mile that are in the Korogocho slum.  It’s no wonder that the word “Korogocho” in Swahili means “crowded shoulder to shoulder”.

With the intense amount of people crammed into such a small space, levels of crime are high and people often lack access to education.  The Grapesyard Self Help Group has partnered with other organizations to open a school for 500 children in the Korogocho slum, allowing them access to education and giving them an opportunity to escape the poverty that rules their lives.

Do Good Lab and Granicus have joined forces to raise $5000 to provide 300 textbooks and 4 flushing toilets for the Grapesyard School.  Each textbook provided in Nairobi allows a child to continue their education.  With the addition of each flushing toilet, the sanitary benefits are equaled by the less obvious safety benefits.  Women and children will be able to use the toilets without fear of being attacked.

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With the help of generous donors we accomplished our goal to raise $5,000 and Grapesyard sent us pictures of the new books and toilets:

Thanks to everybody who supported the project!


Past Fundraising events:

Fashion Night for Charity – February 26th

Giant’s game

Happy Hour at Temple

Scrabble Tournament

Happy Hour at Thieve’s Tavern

Valentine’s Day Cookie Event

For more information about the Grapesyard organization, please visit  Please stay tuned for information about upcoming events.

Granicus, Inc. is the award-winning cloud platform provider for government transparency, efficiency, and citizen participation. It offers the first cloud platform and product suites designed specifically to help government agencies establish meaningful connections with citizens while reducing operational costs.

Posted by Kathrin on Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 5:25 pm.