Kachere Development Program, Our Newest Project Partner!

Kachere Development ProgramThis week Do Good Lab is excited to announce our first project for the year! We’re teaming up with the Kachere Development Program. Kachere emphasizes health services, agriculture, microfinance, and equal opportunity for those constrained by poverty. The program is based near the Eastern border of Zambia in the province of Chipata, and has been creating sustainable initiatives for the past five years.

Their mission is simple: To implement effective capacity building at the grassroots level through small business initiatives, advocacy, and sustainable community projects.

Some of their past projects include working to address issues in food security, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, gender inequality, environmental degradation and education for vulnerable groups including women and orphans. Their effective development approach can be attributed to a dedicated leadership team consisting of trained personnel and volunteers of various backgrounds and expertise. Each member of the organization has their own role in the logistical oversight and completion of a project, ensuring that accountability and transparency are held in the highest regard. Working alongside the staff are community stakeholders ranging from government officials to other nonprofit partners. This allows room for feedback, progress, and maximum attainment of the collective goals set for long-term sustainability.

To assist in these efforts, Do Good Lab will be raising money for an upcoming project to generate income for women in rural communities. The main objective is to establish a small business where women can develop proficiency in agriculture and food production. The food that is grown will not only allow families to be fed during the harvest season, but would yield enough revenue for them to eat year round. In order to promote this program, Kachere is asking for a grant to fund the materials essential to the facility. These include two hammer mills, an abundance of agricultural seeds, and building materials for construction of the site. The hammer mills will be used to grind seeds to make maize (a staple food in Zambia) while agricultural seeds will allow harvest of vegetables appropriate to the climates of every season. Providing the funds for these materials will go far towards relieving families from economic hardship and diminishing the constant danger of food insecurity within the community.

We look forward to equipping Kachere with the appropriate tools needed to transform this vision into reality and providing financial growth and long-term success for families in need.

Written by Stephanie Nelson

Posted by Aezed Raza on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 3:09 pm.