Meet Molly, our Director Of Operations

Hello again. We are back to introduce the last member of the Executive Team. Last week we introduced you to our Director of Projects Shannon Radsky, and this week we are chatting with Molly Brennan, our Director Of Operations. She oversees a lot of the day to day activity, helping to make Do Good Lab run smoothly and continue to grow.

What is your “job” at DGL?Molly Brennan - 2013 Gala
I am the Director of Operations and manage the Marketing, Events, Outreach, and Volunteer Coordination Teams. I assist with the overall strategy of the organization, as well as make sure that our team leaders have all of the volunteers they need and feel fully supported. It is my responsibility to keep communication free and flowing between the teams. I work to make Do Good Lab as efficient as possible in our goal to empower locally run organizations in developing countries.

What lead you to be involved with Do Good Lab?
I have always been passionate about sustainable international development and empowering communities. After studying transnational women’s movements I wanted to volunteer with an organization that was successfully empowering local organizations in the developing world and creating tangible change in peoples’ lives.

When a friend invited me to a Do Good Lab event in January 2011 I had the opportunity to meet two of Do Good Lab’s co-founders. I was so inspired by their passion and enthusiasm I immediately decided to become a volunteer. The first project I worked on was fundraising for the Vanavasi Ashram Trust. I was completely hooked when I felt the satisfaction of reaching our goal and hearing the stories from the community about the positive impact of our donation.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love cooking, baking, skiing, yoga, reading, and adventuring.

What part of what Do Good Lab are you most passionate about?
Building connections between people and giving a voice to our project partners. By providing a space for our partners to share how they have made sustainable change in their communities we educate our donors and provide a resource to others that may be facing similar challenges.

What does Do Good Lab’s mission mean to you?
To me it means giving with respect and taking the time to listen. It means empowering communities and making the world a better place one project at a time. But it also means taking the first steps toward understanding the interconnectedness of peoples everywhere.

Posted by Aezed Raza on Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 12:50 pm.