New Partner: People’s Action in Development

Oftentimes it is said that our greatest conveniences in life are the ones we take for granted. Needs that seem trivial to some may serve as essential sustenance for many others. One of our partners known as “People’s Action in Development” serves as a poignant reminder of how key elements, such as sanitation, can bring forth long-lasting change for the health of an entire community.

01.Water Crisis In the Project Area

In the rural southeastern region of India, multitudes are being struck with a crippling disease known as “skeletal fluorosis.” Skeletal fluorosis is caused by the excessive presence of the mineral fluoride in the bones. Those impacted face severe physical debilitations including excruciating pain, damage to the joints, and permanent malformations of the bone.

The source of this problem? Polluted water. Due to a lack of resources in the area, there are no means to purify the water collected for community use. Alarmed by these unsanitary conditions, Peoples Action in Development has contacted us to become a part of the solution.

Their objective is to construct a purification system that will cleanse existing vessels of water that are stored for public use. Using a technique called “reverse osmosis,” pressurization will be used to separate impurities like fluoride from freshwater for healthy distribution and consumption. Implemented effectively, these plants could produce enough clean water to sustain entire communities, lowering the probability of skeletal fluorosis for thousands who are at risk.

In addition to the construction of the water plant, People’s Action in Development will ensure educational awareness and advocacy in health and sanitary techniques for the local community. This will assist in diminishing any negative stigma on those already living with the disease, and help to prevent cases in the future.

We are greatly excited to be joining Peoples Action in Development as they embark on their mission to provide clean water to families in need. Please join Do Good Lab as we raise the funds needed to support and maintain the construction of a clean water facility. How will we do it? It starts with you!


Written by: Stephanie Nelson

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