Photo-Contest: Water and Life

Congratulations to the winners of our 2012 Photo Contest What does water mean to you? 

We received 18 wonderful submissions and over 200 people voted for their favorite pictures. Our sponsor, Hydros Bottle, supported us with five filtering water bottles. And those bottles will go to Zhay Pochop, Alicia Bales, Darrin Jones, Martyn Scruby, and Elizabeth Pochop.

Zhay Pochop’s picture (on the right) received over 100 votes:

“Water is the most essential element to life on Earth! It’s in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. Without water we won’t survive…as you can see on this picture it’s endless fun to an innocent little one!!!”

The other 4 winners are:

Alicia Bales: “Water means a future for our children. Having clean water means they will have the freedom to focus on other things in life like going to school playing and being healthy. Water means less disease and less death to our helpless babies in the world. Water means everything.”

Darrin Jones: “Water – color blind and yet able to take on and reflect all of the colors.”

Martyn Scruby: “Water is given to us by Mother Nature, she shares it with the whole world yet many people are with out it. When it rains we embrace this gift and enjoy it’s presence, never taking water for granted as so many people do, while there are millions desperately in need of natures key ingredient.”

Elizabeth Pochop: “Water represents not just life, but fun! There is so much recreation that happens around water – as well as on the water! And even when we’re not having fun on the water, often we need the water to sustain us while we have fun!”

Thank you everybody for submitting pictures and thoughtful captions about water & life. Even though water is always available to us, we are aware that it is a precious resource that we have to take care of. Do Good Lab is supporting communities in Togo and Malawi to build sustainable water systems for hundreds of people. If you would like to learn more about our work and water issues check out our blog.

And for everybody who wasn’t lucky to win a water bottle, Hydros sent us a promotional code that we can use to order a bottle online.




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