Spotlight on our Partner in Togo: AIDSS

Do Good Lab has the privilege of partering with Action et Initiative pour generic cialis 5mg le Developpement Sanitaire et Sociale (AIDSS) to address the rising AIDS prevalence in Africa.

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This Togo-based grassroots organization reaches out to HIV/AIDS patients, focusing not only on their medical condition but also on their psychological well-being and social issues. It was founded as an NGO (non-governmental non profit) in 2000, when legal expert Kerim Ryssalatou joined forces with medical professionals to enhance the wellbeing of the HIV/AIDS community.

Their course of action is multi-faceted, effective, and thoughtfully compassionate. AIDSS emphasizes the importance of awareness campaigns, combating public misconceptions surrounding HIV and ultimately breaking down the social stigma many AIDS patients face. They offer anti-HIV drugs, free of charge, as well as everything from nutritional aid and physician home-visits. Adult patients are offered temporary housing and vocational training. For HIV positive children, educational and social programs are available, as well as school materials. Importantly, they provide patients with psychological counseling, both on site and in home.

You can imagine what a difference these efforts make.  Truly taking care of an HIV+ patient involves addressing their many different needs. This organization’s integrated approach and attentive care demonstrates this beautifully. And they’re growing! In 2007, AIDSS opened its own facility in the town of Tsevie, and as of July 2011, treatment was offered to 200 adults and 372 affected children. There are 5 AIDSS chapters in Togo.

Now, here’s where you can help. A project that’s currently underway is the construction of a cistern for collecting rainwater. This would provide a valuable on-site water source and help with sanitation and hygiene for the facility’s staff and patients. Do Good Lab is working to raise funds to support the materials and building costs of the cistern. Learn more about AIDSS work and our other project partners.

Want to be a part of this amazing grassroots movement? Come to a Do Good Lab event, volunteer, or donate. As AIDSS works tirelessly for positive change, it is an honor to contribute to their efforts to improve the quality of life of those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

This post was written by Do Good Lab volunteer Rebecca Brander. If you would like to know more about this topic and would like to get involved in our work email us at <>.

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