Do Good Lab was created in 2009 with the passion and energy of a group of friends in San Francisco, California.

Kathrin Jansen is Co-Founder of Do Good Lab. Her education and work experiences have spanned across the globe. She received her M.A. in Political Science from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Germany and her MBA from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco.

She worked for a German Foundation in Uganda and after finishing her M.A. she worked for the German Federal Agency for Civic Education as a Program Manager. In this position Kathrin led multiple large-scale youth empowerment projects and initiatives. In addition she developed innovative educational concepts for various types of media. In San Francisco she worked for the Wikimedia Foundation and as an advisor to ThinkImpact’s Social Innovation Institute in South Africa. Kathrin is interested in international development, education, community building and sustainability.

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Ryan Jones is Co-founder of Do Good Lab. He is passionate about working to bring about a world that is flourishing in every way for all people. After spending 3 months volunteering as a hospital chaplain in Kenya in 2007, Ryan observed the enormous potential of indigenous leaders and their communities strategically working together to address their own local challenges. The limitations he saw in this were not in the areas of leadership or vision (both of which are usually present in abundance), but in getting capital ($) to these groups at the right time in order to help them continue their well-intentioned strategies. This is his vision for Do Good Lab – empowering the local solution!

Ryan is the Co-founder and Pastor of Eucharist, a new church in San Francisco that often partners with philanthropic causes (like Do Good Lab). He holds a Master’s of Divinity from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. In his free time he devours books, enjoys film and music, plays sports and participates as much with the World Affairs Council as possible.

Giulissa Principe is Co-founder of Do Good Lab. After moving to the Bay Area from her beloved homeland, Peru, she achieved a B.A. in Political Science with focus on Public Law and a certificate in Paralegal Studies at San Francisco State University. Over the years she has devoted herself to helping several non-profit organizations in the Bay Area.  She has volunteered her organizational and planning skills as well as her devotion for international affairs and served as the Social Programs Chair for the Young Professionals International Forum, a subcommittee of the World Affairs Council.

She manages the Department of Logistics at Joseph Enterprises. With seven years of experience on supply chain management, she provides valuable input in the making and distribution of the Chia Pets around the world. Among her many interests, she believes that education is the key factor for a more sustainable and innovative world and she intends to promote this belief in Latin America in the future.

Iris Sangalang is Co-Founder of Do Good Lab. Her love for learning about other cultures drew her to working in Japan and attaining her master’s degree in internationals relations in the UK. Living abroad for the past five years, she is happy to say that she now calls San Francisco home. She works for a British payment processing company called WorldPay and served as the vice chair of the Young Professionals International Forum, a subcommittee of the World Affairs Council.

Fusing the savvy skills and effectiveness of the corporate world, with the heart and soul of non-profit, altogether combined with the energy and desire of young professionals is what inspires her work in Do Good Lab. Her interests lay in humanitarian endeavors, education, local empowerment and innovative solutions to today’s complex problems.