Wamba Community Development Program

Location: East Samburu, Kenya

Funds Needed: $4,200

Anticipated Completion Date: 2014

Focus of Project:

The Wamba Community Development Program (WCD) works with communities throughout the Samburu National Reserve in eastern Kenya. The region is considered fairly underdeveloped compared to the agricultural south. It also experiences extremely high levels of drought and water is a constant scarcity. WCD works with communities to develop strategic solutions to their local problems. Children walk more than 10 kilometers on a daily basis to collect water for themselves and their families. Currently, WCD is supporting the Lengarde Primary School which enrolls more than 200 students. These students are provided one daily meal through an initiative funded by the World Food Program. Now, WCD wants to bring clean water directly to the school so that children can spend more time in the classroom. They wish to construct a simple system of gutters on the school’s roof to collect and store rain water. The entire community, including the children’s parents, will be involved in the implementation of this project.

Posted by Shannon Radsky on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 4:18 am.